Imagine the scene. The hustle and bustle of life in a hospital is in full swing. As a garland family nurse practitioner, I’m right in the middle of this whirlwind – juggling tasks, making quick decisions, changing lives. From the break of dawn to dusk, each day is a new chapter in an ongoing story. Today, let’s take a peek into that story, pull back the curtain on what a day in my shoes looks like.

Early Morning

The day starts early. I’m up with the sun, ready to face whatever the day brings. There’s a quick scan of patient charts, a jolt of caffeine, and then it’s off to the races – administering medications, taking vital signs, dealing with emergencies as they come.


By mid-morning, the pace has picked up. The quiet of the early hours is gone, replaced by constant motion and activity. I’m making rounds, checking in on patients, diagnosing new issues, making referrals – every decision important, every action impactful.


The afternoon is a whirlwind. I’m consulting with other healthcare providers, interpreting lab results, educating patients on their conditions. The hospital is a hive of activity and I’m in the center, working tirelessly to provide the best care possible.


Evening doesn’t mean rest. I’m still on the go – charting, following up, making sure every patient is settled for the night. As the day ends, I’m still there, making sure all is well, ready for the unexpected.


It’s a hectic day. It’s also rewarding, fulfilling, and full of moments that remind me why I chose this path. As a garland family nurse practitioner, I’m not just a healthcare provider. I’m a lifeline, an advocate, a pillar of support. Each day is a test of endurance, a testament to the strength of the human spirit – my patients’ and my own. And as the sun sets, I’m ready to do it all over again. Because this is not just my job – it’s my calling.