Low testosterone can have various other complications besides low sex drive and other similar issues. Low testosterone levels are usually associated with erectile dysfunction but can cause low muscle mass, fatigue, increased body fat, irritability, irregular sleeping habits, etc. These things can disrupt a person’s daily activities and decrease the quality of life. 

If you suffer from low testosterone levels, consulting with a men’s health New York expert can help you find a solution. It is important to remember that this condition is natural. A large percentage of men experience low testosterone levels at least once in their life, and half of men over 80 suffer from the same. There are certain natural ways to reverse the problem. 

Ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels 

  • Improve your diet. 

Not eating the right food in the right amount can have various adverse effects on your body. Maintaining a healthy diet ensures a healthy body weight, prevents obesity, and maintains blood sugar levels. Obese men are more likely to have low levels of testosterone. Having excess fat in your body turns your testosterone into an enzyme called aromatase. Therefore, losing weight can help you achieve higher testosterone levels. 

  • Lay off the beer. 

It is easy to drink 3-4 bottles of beer daily when you have them in your freezer. A beer after lunch and another after dinner may seem harmless, but you may be shocked to know the facts. It only takes 5 consecutive days of drinking beer for your testosterone levels to go down. Alcohol can cause various impairments in your body and throw off its hormone system. Heavy drinkers suffer from hair loss, shrunken testes, and higher estrogen. 

  • Get enough sleep. 

There are several studies showing how lack of sleep and rest can decrease testosterone levels in the human body. However, the ideal number of hours of sleep can vary from person to person. Some people are good with 7 hours of sleep, while others may need 8 or 9. The key is to get high-quality sleep, meaning you are well-rested and recharged for the next day. 

  • Reduce stress. 

If you lead a demanding and stressful life, that could be the biggest reason for your low testosterone levels. When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol to manage the stress. Studies show that large amounts of cortisol can reduce free testosterone levels. 

One of the best ways to reduce stress is by taking a break from the activities that cause stress and doing things that you genuinely enjoy. It can be painting, dancing, watching your favorite TV series, or even taking a warm bath.