Every other American drinks a cup of coffee as they get out of bed. Did you know that this practice can be harmful to your teeth’s enamel and overall oral hygiene? dental care for your family in Burlington, ON, suggests that it is necessary to brush your teeth as soon as you get up. Here are some reasons why brushing before breakfast is a good idea.

Why is Brushing Before Breakfast Important?

While sleeping, germs in the mouth cause plaque. That is why the breath in the morning smells foul, and there is a lot of saliva accumulating inside the mouth. As soon as you brush in the morning, the fluoride in the toothpaste cleans the mouth and removes the plaque. Moreover, brushing in the morning before breakfast builds a defense against the acid in the coffee and other liquids you drink, along with the food you take. It is suggested that you don’t eat food or have anything to drink other than water after 30 minutes of brushing your teeth.

Why is Brushing Properly Important?

When you brush in the morning, you must ensure that you wet the toothbrush and then take the toothpaste. Lubricating the toothbrush is important, or the bristles in the toothbrush can cause micro tears inside your mouth and teeth enamel. It is suggested to hold the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to access the hard-to-reach areas inside the mouth. 

Brush for 2 minutes in the morning before you take anything. In addition to brushing, there are a few oral health cares that you need to do. Keep reading to know what basic oral hygiene is to maintain good oral health.

  • Ensure to floss your teeth every time you have a heavy meal.
  • After brushing your teeth, ensure to rinse them with mouthwash.
  • Take in a lot of water.
  • Do not eat sugary drinks.
  • Limit the intake of snacks as it accumulates plaque in the mouth and tongue.
  • Visit a dentist every 3 to 4 months so that they can check your oral health.
  • Visit the dentist to get your teeth cleaned twice a year.


Brushing your teeth first thing in the morning is important, as it helps to get rid of the germs built overnight, and also, the chemical in the toothpaste protects the teeth from the chemicals in the food. Ensure to brush your teeth 30 minutes before having your breakfast or the morning coffee.