Laser dentistry uses lasers in order to treat many dental problems of an individual. Today, it is one of the most comfortable and effective treatment options available. Mainly, it is used in teeth whitening, the treatment of gum diseases, treating tooth decay, etc. Laser dentistry offers better results and comfort in comparison to drills and other available options. The patient who opts for laser dentistry will not require sutures, anesthesia, have less chance of infections and have fewer chances of damaging the gums. Laser dentistry by Mark Sutton DDS offers you many benefits and advantages in comparison to old techniques and it is helpful in the following ways:

  • Very less pain and discomfort: When you choose laser dentistry over old methods, you feel less pain and only minor discomfort. The laser uses a precise beam of light to target the exact location and hence, the need for anesthesia or other drugs is reduced. The patient, therefore, feels more comfortable and relaxed.
  • No need for drilling or using anesthesia: Traditional dental drills cause discomfort and make a lot of noise. The use of a laser prevents the need for anesthesia as it causes less pain in nearby areas.
  • Preserve your healthy tissue: Because laser dentistry uses a beam of light, it is able to target specific areas and not damage nearby tissues. 
  • Less chances of bleeding: The use of lasers while treating various gum diseases helps minimize the risk of bleeding.
  • Better healing and faster recovery: After the use of a laser to address your dental concerns, your tissue is able to regenerate quickly and you are able to recover in no time.
  • Less chances of infections: The light that gets emitted by the lasers has antibacterial properties and this reduces your chances of developing infections. 
  • Patient feels relaxed and less anxious: Due to less noise, vibration and pain, the person feels more relaxed and the procedure gets completed within no time.
  • Helps treat multiple dental issues: Laser dentistry can be used for multiple dental procedures such as gum disease treatment, teeth whitening, etc.

However, you must note that laser dentistry is not suitable for all dental problems and therefore, you must properly research and consult with a highly knowledgeable dentist. Moreover, just because it worked for your friend or relative doesn’t mean that will also work for you. Hence, you must leave it on your dentist to decide the best available treatment for your problem.