Once your toddler starts growing teeth, it is essential to take care of them while they eat. Along with their eating habits, you must also be careful when brushing their teeth. A toddler’s oral health is more delicate and must be maintained with the utmost care. 

While brushing your baby’s teeth, you must ensure you are not damaging them. At first, it might feel challenging, but you just need a few tips and tricks to set a brushing routine for your toddler.

If it is your first child and you are clueless about how to take care of their growing milk teeth, get in touch with a children’s dentist in Cumming, GA. A children’s dentist will guide you and tell you all the instructions for brushing your toddler’s teeth. 

Nevertheless, here are some easy tips to remember while cleaning your toddler’s teeth.

Tips for brushing your toddler’s teeth 

  • Use a soft bristle brush. 

The formation and foundation of your toddler’s teeth are delicate. Using a traditional medium or stiff bristle brush can harm their gums and teeth. Moreover, the soft bristle brushes must be specialized ones designed for babies. 

Using a brush appropriate for your toddler’s teeth is essential to maintain good oral health without harming their teeth. Stiff bristles can deform the shape of gums or teeth, resulting in irregular growth of their teeth, which includes the crooked or disorganized appearance of teeth. 

  • Use a small size brush. 

Using a larger brush than your baby’s mouth will not be able to clean their mouth efficiently. This can cause the growth of harmful and unnecessary bacteria in their mouth. The harmful bacteria can result in gum infections and cavities. 

A toddler’s teeth are prone to bacterial attacks and infections, as they are weaker than adult teeth. Even a slight discomfort in the mouth can cause your toddler tremendous pain and discomfort. So make sure to use a small brush to clean their mouth precisely. 

  • Use baby toothpaste 

Toothpaste plays a significant role in maintaining the cleanliness of a toddler’s teeth and gums. However, you must ensure you are using a baby toothpaste that is not too harsh and cleans your baby’s mouth efficiently. 

When selecting toothpaste for your toddler, make sure you pick the appropriate toothpaste according to theirs. Moreover, the better thing to do is ask a children’s dentist to suggest a good baby toothpaste.