Having a child is a blessing for an entire family. Couples dream of starting a family after a few years of their marriage. In some cases, they do not get pregnant even after proper planning. South Charleston fertility evaluation is suggested for couples who have not been able to conceive after one year of trying. It is an examination to check whether the body and hormones are functioning as expected. In these cases, both partners have to undergo certain tests and analyses. Based on the reports, the doctor will be able to suggest the best way to get pregnant.

What can you expect during infertility evaluation?

The doctor needs to see whether the reproductive organs and hormones are normal. He also needs to figure out the root cause of infertility. A few tests and examinations, which both partners have to undergo are discussed below:

Fallopian tubes and uterus 

The working of the fallopian tubes and the uterus has a great impact on conception.  Some of the issues encountered in these parts of the body may include polyps, fibroids, scar tissues and problems in the openness of the fallopian tube. The doctor may perform a thorough examination to find out if any of these issues occur within the body of a female partner.

Semen analysis

Another important test, which a male partner has to undergo, is the semen analysis. In this test, semen is analyzed for semen count, volume, morphology and clarity. It has been reported that more than 50% of infertility is caused due to inadequate semen. It is suggested not to have sex 2-3 days before the day of analysis as it may affect the test.

Testing for HIV, Hepatitis, STIs

It is important to get tested for medical conditions such as sexually transmitted infections, HIV and Hepatitis. All of these conditions can interfere with the pregnancy and production of important hormones. Moreover, if a female, having these issues gets pregnant, the baby may also get affected.

Prolactin levels

They are associated with the pituitary gland of a female. It is the cause of lactation in females. If a woman is not pregnant and the level is high, she may have miscarriages. Overproduction is due to the abnormal function of the pituitary gland and can also cause a tumor.

Whenever you are planning your family, you must get in touch with a suitable healthcare provider who can suggest the best birth control ways to avoid any issues in the future.