Bioclear is a minimally invasive type of restoration, which implants an innovative technique to treat cavities, black cavities, and aesthetic issues. It also retains the organic tooth layout and delivers natural-looking outcomes. the best dentist in Irvine can perform this treatment effectively to deliver the desired results. But why should you get it?

Find below the key reasons to do bio-clear treatment: 

  • Minimal Invasive Approach 

A certain part of your tooth structure should be ground away when treating decayed and damaged crowns or porcelain veneers. Such traditional treatment options increase the risks of nerve death in your tooth, which requires root canal treatment/extraction. On the contrary, natural tooth formation gets easily maintained when Bioclear treats your damaged teeth or aesthetic concerns. It significantly reduces the risk of nerve damage and tooth loss. Moreover, the advanced Bioclear treatment involves techniques that strengthen tooth framework, diminish post-care sensitivities, and deliver excellent results. 

  • Cost Effective

Bioclear is much more affordable than other dental treatment options, such as porcelain veneers and back-tooth crowns. Still, you get better results. 

  • Advanced Technology Implementation to Treat Black Triangles  

Gingival embrasures, also called “Black Triangles,” have various causes. The black triangles not only look bad but also build an environment that traps food debris and causes plaque accumulation and decay. Bioclear is an innovative treatment that repairs black triangles, creates a better oral environment, and boosts your entire body’s vitality. 

  • Quick Results 

Bioclear treatment, if properly administered, can show results even in a single appointment. The total number of sessions depends on the level of required care. The treatment procedure is pain-free and simple. You can happily leave a dental clinic with a same-day transformative outcome. 

  • Long-Term Solutions

Bioclear treatment delivers long-term results of 10 years or longer and is much more durable than traditional veneers and crowns. Being stain-resistant and capable of easily resolving any issues, it gives you a reliable and long-term solution. 

The Bottomline

You should get a clear treatment for your teeth in Irvine because of the reasons above. A dentist performs the Bioclear treatment with sets of customized forms, which are filled with a biocompatible composite element. Once the form gets removed, the dentist implements their skills to customize the final structure, which gives you a healthy and glowing smile.