Knowing the many internal and external factors that can affect the lifespan of your dermal botox and fillers arkansas city is important before deciding to have the surgery done.

In your preoperative consultation, your doctor should be able to give you complete information on all of these points. Before we get to it, though, here is a quick rundown of the four most important variables that determine how long your dermal fillers last.

Skin Filler Varieties

The length of time that dermal fillers look natural is also variable, depending on the type of filler used.

In the United States, four distinct dermal fillers are often used, including:

  • Facial fillers with hyaluronic acid
  • Permanence enhancers
  • Collagen-inducing agents
  • Radiesse

However, the following buffering elements can have an effect on all of the fillers.

Skin Impairment

Whether or not you have experienced skin damage in the regions where you receive dermal fillers (either before or after the treatment) may be the most important factor in determining how long your fillers will last.

Your fillers’ integrity may be jeopardized if you put the area where they were injected through undue stress or pressure.

Extensive time in the sun and other factors like rashes, bruising, and bug bites all fall under this category. Your dermal fillers’ long-term integrity may be compromised if you are involved in an accident affecting the area where they were placed.

Situating the Injectors

The duration of effects from dermal fillers may vary depending on where the area of the face is treated.

This occurs because a wide variety of variables can influence the skin’s finer, more nuanced structures. The cheeks, for instance, are a part of the face that usually gets more sun than the rest of the face. However, repeated use eventually causes damage to the lips.

Your body and features

Your facial characteristics and genetic makeup might also significantly affect how long your fillers continue to look their best.

Take someone with extremely hollow or sunken cheekbones as an example. For them to achieve the fuller, rounder look they desire, it may take more filler to achieve the desired results.

Aims and the Potential of the Filler

This factor demonstrates not only physical but also mental capability. However, you should still have reasonable expectations for how long your fillers will last. How well you think your fillers perform depends on how closely they match your expectations.

More pronounced applications of fillers may also increase the prominence of the affected areas. However, they may be more prone to breaking down over time. They also tend to lose their effect more noticeably and rapidly than more quietly acting fillers.