Oral health is often overlooked and misunderstood, as we need to understand the importance of it. We know that oral health is essential for us, but we tend to believe any hearsay regarding oral health. There are many myths associated with oral health, and we must understand the facts behind them. 

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the common myths and facts about oral health in Breckenridge. You can also consult some relaxation dentist in Breckenridge, CO, who can bust the myths regarding oral health. Meanwhile, let’s understand some of the common myths and facts in this article. 

What are Common Myths about Oral Health? 

Myth 1: Cleaning and Scaling the teeth weakens them

It is a myth that cleaning and scaling the teeth leads to weak teeth. It is a procedure that removes deposits from the teeth and gums and keeps them healthy. This removal of calculus prevents tooth loss, and therefore, it is a significant procedure. It also prevents the problem of bad breath and gum bleeding. Thus, it is an effective solution, and you should be free from the thought that it will make your teeth weak. 

Myth 2: Only sugar causes cavities

We might have heard about this myth since our childhood that eating more sugar can cause cavities. However, there is an added fact that not only sugar but any carbohydrate intake can cause cavities. It is also caused due to bacteria produced in the mouth. Therefore, you must avoid refined food, deep-fried food, or other such food while aiming to stop the development of cavities. You should eat teeth-friendly food such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts to prevent cavities. 

Myth 3: Diet soda doesn’t cause any harm 

Sodas are highly acidic, and this acid acts as a fuel for acid-loving bacteria in the mouth. Even if you are drinking sugar-free carbonated drinks, they also can cause as much damage to your teeth as sugary beverages do. There is a high acidic value in the soda, and therefore, you need to understand that you must keep your teeth safe from these drinks. 

Myth 4: Wisdom teeth must be removed

It is not true that you should remove all the wisdom teeth. If they are erupting and functioning correctly without affecting your health and causing pain and overcrowding, then it is not necessary to remove the wisdom teeth. However, you should consult your expert doctor to know what is best for you in this case. 

So, these are certain myths and facts associated with oral health. It is important to note that you can believe in some of the myths regarding oral health. You must consult your doctor and get the facts cleared for your convenience.