General medicine deals with the health complications in our daily lives such as fever, cough, cold, weight gain or loss and several others.  The general doctor will give the suitable medicines so that the condition gets better in a few days only. All the non-invasive procedures come under hollywood general medicine. As soon as we get the symptoms of illness, we can contact a doctor and get ourselves checked up. The specific type of healthcare is provided after performing tests and scans if the condition does not get better.

The need for general medicine

It is significant to learn when you need to go for general medicine or a doctor. Some of these medical complications are elaborated on below:


If you have a fever, you must immediately contact a general doctor. In most cases, the major reasons may include allergies, infections, weather changes and stressful working schedules. It has also been said that fever is the natural way of the body to fight infections and it goes away on its own. However, if you have a fever for more than three days and above 102 degrees, you must contact a doctor. He will perform blood tests to identify the cause of the fever such as malaria, dengue, or any inflammation in the body.

Sudden weight gain or loss

It should be noted that weight is also associated with the health of a person. Mostly, people tend to lose or gain weight as per their diet. However, if a person gains sudden weight, he or she may have a thyroid problem. Likewise, tremendous weight loss can be associated with several health conditions such as diabetes, liver problems, or depression. 

Shortness of breath

The lack of air is a common cause of shortness of breath such as high altitude, obesity, extreme temperatures and exercises. If there are no such scenarios, you must get in touch with the general physician. These conditions can be associated with asthma, lung infections and other illnesses. 

Abnormal pain in the chest

If you experience pain and discomfort in the chest, you should contact a doctor. In panic attacks also, you get similar symptoms. However, the pain in a heart attack can be severe and unexplainable. In such a scenario, a general doctor can figure out the exact cause.

It is always a good idea to have a general physician with you because he can offer treatment in medical emergencies too.