Regular replacement of toothbrushes is extremely crucial for oral hygiene. All the dentists at Dexter dental office, as well as the American Dental Association, suggest the replacement of toothbrushes after three months of usage. Toothbrushes are subjected to tumultuous pressure over time and end up getting burned out after some time. As a result, they become less effective after their bristles start getting lost. 

Germs and bacteria start piling up inside the bristles of the toothbrush. Therefore, it is suggested to change brushes if you have experienced any illness like a common cold or infection. 

Fungal growth 

If you fail to take proper care of your brush after using it, there is a great risk of fungus development in it. Rinsing them off after every use is extremely important for the proper care of a toothbrush. After washing them, make sure to dry them properly and store them without any covering in a vertical position. Do not keep them close to the other brushes. 

If you are a frequent traveler, make sure to have a toothbrush covering by your side. It has been protecting your brush by providing coverage against any outer damage. It also helps in the reduction of germs spread. 

Development of Mold

Make sure to remain attentive to the conditions of the top part of your toothbrush. They play an essential role in determining the state of your brush and whether they are suitable for usage. If the bristles of your toothbrush are worn out or appear to have a frayed look, it is time to replace them immediately. The appearance of pigment, especially dark colors on your brush, is a symptom of mold development. Avoid using them at any cost and dispose of such toothbrushes immediately. 

Consequences of irregular toothbrush replacement 

The development of bacteria and fungus on your toothbrush attracts several dangers as well as dental issues. It can cause significant damage to your gums as the brushes start losing their effectiveness in tasks like removing plaque from the teeth. Plaque buildup leads to gingivitis and periodontal issues, which can also result in tooth loss. 

People also tend to develop sickness after using the same brush for a long period. This is because the development and accumulation of bacteria and fungus on the toothbrush can lead to the growth of molds. If you store your brushes near the commode, there is a huge chance that disgusting material gets placed on your toothbrush which may get inside your mouth.