Clear aligners are removable orthodontic dental appliances that help straighten your teeth. They are similar to braces but do not have wires and metal. Clear aligners appear almost invisible because they are made from a transparent plastic material that is hardly visible to the naked eye. Clear aligner treatments will require several custom-built transparent plastic trays to achieve a straighter and more appealing smile. Read on to learn why you should have your clear aligners Carmichael.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners’ main role or benefit is that they help gradually straighten your teeth. They are also preferred more than traditional braces as they are more convenient and comfortable. The following are some of the common benefits of clear aligners:

  • They are hardly noticeable with the naked eye
  • Avoid the use of wires and brackets of traditional braces.
  • Minimal visits to the dentist’s office
  • Can be easily removed when eating and drinking

Before the Procedure

Before your clear aligners procedure, you will first consult with your orthodontist, who will take a mold of your teeth to help come up with a suitable clear aligner treatment plan. They will then review and, if needed, adjust your treatment plan to ensure that all your teeth’s movement is accurate and satisfactory to your needs. Moreover, this custom dental treatment plan allows your healthcare provider to determine the number of transparent aligner trays needed in your series of clear aligners and help determine if attachments will be needed. Once everything is settled, and you are content with the treatment plan, you will be ready for your clear aligner procedure.

During the Procedure

Unlike traditional metal braces used for all types of crooked teeth alignment treatments, clear aligners only work in some cases where the alignment is not extreme. In most cases, clear aligners take only about 12 to 24 months to correct moderately unaligned teeth. The less severe your crooked teeth are, the less time it will take for your aligner to correct the problem. However, middle-aged persons and adults with mild to severely crooked teeth may require metallic braces to align their teeth properly. A recent study has proven that clear aligners are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as they are almost invisible and do not affect your public appearance.

After the Procedure

Since you are in total control, you must maintain self-discipline once your clear aligners are fitted in. You must ensure that your aligners are worn at least 22 hours per day to avoid extending the treatment and even incurring more costs. You are also advised to remove your clear aligners when eating so as they prevent the buildup of bacteria on your teeth. Like keeping your natural teeth clean, you will be required to ensure that your clear aligner is also clean. You must brush and floss regularly to maintain good oral hygiene for a healthy natural smile. When cleaning your clear aligners, you are advised to rinse them out with warm water or mouthwash daily.

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